Rosie Edwards is a Christchurch raised and based artist with 20 + years of experience behind her, ranging from portraits to still life, Architecture and Graphic design, Carving and Tattooing, Sign writing and Murals. She has been carving since she was 18 yrs old, self taught in many arts, such as Wood and Polystyrene, pencil portraits and acrylics. She also plays with Pottery and Oamaru and Hebbel stone and Bone and Pounamu, also having knowledge in Joinery and Building while utilizing recycled woods, Living and breathing creativity and balancing a consistent flow of work ethic for her many talents. She has taught many children, and teenages throughout her Adult life, from basic Arts to the fundamentals of Arts and currently at Papanui High School teaching Tikanga- Papatoi, Maori Arts and Protocol, to the seniors to accumulate credits towards NCEA, also teaching Arts to the YMCA kids.

Being self employed working from one commission to another whilst raising her daughter Nature Kotahi Motuhake, now that Nature is older and more independant, Rosie is able to travel and Tattoo and market herself to not only a National level but also an International level, she has been Tattooing 10 years + in the booming industry, working alongside some major names in the industry, focusing for the past 4-6 years establishing her flexibility in specialties within Tattoo but also her mammoth contracts with Polystyrene commissions, working alongside Major Promotion Company’s, with made to order Polystyrene pieces for events to architecturely designing and erecting largely spanned Mini golf courses and Swimming pool features, using fibreglass and concrete rebar fixing, No job too big, she says.

Her Eclectic Polystylz company has been established since she was 18. Winning the youngest Innovator of the year 2003, she was headhunted from The Company Innovation New Zealand to go global, with a lot of international interest in Investing in her abilities. She has worked at National Art shows, Craft shows and also attended many of the Buskers Festivals as a guest artist, Tattoo shows locally and Nationally, been invited along other talented Artists to Te Papa National Museum as a Custom Tattooist, with guest spots in all major cities around New Zealand and Australia and Europe, specializing in her cultural side, Ta Moko, and now she is sourced for Realism and Oriental and Custom Tattoos, featuring in numerous Art and Tattoo magazines Nationally and Internationally, she is always eager to learn new things and exceeds at whatever style or art-form she puts her mind too, she also has qualifications in Painting and Decorating and utilizes her skills and knowledge for the unimaginable tasks she takes on in her stride, a very diverse Artist, and always lending a hand to her community based projects, she had had employees in the past and definite future as she is working towards exhibiting her creations within Galleries around New Zealand, she is constantly growing in her skill sets. Nurturing her talents in such a positive way, frequently getting asked to guest attend at schools and Wananga around New Zealand and also being head hunted for International guest spots in Tattoo Parlours around Europe and the UK. Shortly she will be heading to Europe for a month of guest spotting around Holland and France.

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